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International Sourcing of Goods and Services

Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of industrial processes as well as of manufacturers and market players. By instantly recognizing your product needs, we are able to concentrate our sourcing efforts and come back to you with a competitive offer within days.
We cover a wide array of products ranging from simple spare parts or tools to machinery and entire production lines. Makers include both OEM as well as alternative manufacturers.
  • finding the most satisfactory prices and shortest possible delivery periods
  • contacting alternative manufacturers on request in order to find different brands for a larger flexibility
  • assistance in finding the best offers for complete production machinery

Shipping Arrangements

As a service to our customer we organize and coordinate all paperwork and other administrative tasks related to shipping the products to their final destination.
  • supply of customs declaration forms and - if necessary - the legislation of documents
  • finding the best and most efficient way of transportation to your company's address or the nearest air- or seaport